Sentinel offers a fully insured Employment Law Service.

Employers might  wonder how cost effective a fully insured Employment Law Service is for their business.

If you look at some of the Employment statistics issued by the Ministry of Justice       ( 2013-2014) you might decide your business can't really afford to be without it.

The average award made against an employer for unfair dismissal was £11, 813 and the highest award was a staggering £3,402,245.

The highest awards for Race Discrimination and Disability Discrimination were £162,593 and £ 236,922 respectively.

When you consider that 71% of claimants chose to be represented by a lawyer at Tribunal, many businesses might see a value in being equally well represented and protected.

For details of this highly cost effective insured service, please contact us for details.

  • Unlimited advice service
  • Employment dispute
  • Discipline/Grievance process
  • Employment Tribunal Insurance*

Monthly premium covers:

  • Preparation of defence
  • Liaison and negotiation with other parties (ACAS, Respondent representation etc.)
  • Representation at Tribunal
  • Award for Unfair dismissal

*Excess applies