Sentinel offers a fully insured Employment Law Service.

Employers might  wonder how cost effective a fully insured Employment Law Service is for their business.

If you look at some of the latest Employment statistics issued by the Ministry of Justice ,you might decide your business can't really afford to be without it.

Total notifications to ACAS for early conciliation( all Claimants must notify ACAS before their claim can progress) is up 28% since fees have been removed. Fast track claims such as wage or holiday pay claims have increased by 137%; claims which contain an unfair dismissal element have increased by 64% and those claims which have a discrimination element have increased by 56%

The average award last year for Unfair Dismissal was £16,543

The average award for Disability Discrimination was £31,988

If you consider that many of the awards will be much more than this and that an employer also has to factor in the time of attending the Tribunal, some times for days on end and that they may also have to pay costs, you can appreciate what an expensive exercise this can be for a business.

Now that more than 70% of claimants chose to be represented by a lawyer at Tribunal, many businesses might see a value in being equally well represented and protected.

For details of this highly cost effective insured service, please contact us for details.

  • Unlimited advice service
  • Employment dispute
  • Discipline/Grievance process
  • Employment Tribunal Insurance*

Monthly premium covers:

  • Preparation of defence
  • Liaison and negotiation with other parties (ACAS, Respondent representation etc.)
  • Representation at Tribunal
  • Award for Unfair dismissal

*Excess applies